The pre-primary wing of the school comprises Classes Nursery and Prep andcaters to the needs and demands of early childhood learning. Bearing in mind thatat this age the foundation of a child’s personality is laid and two third of his intellectis formed, we have created an environment and a system of teaching which isentirely child friendly.

The classes are housed in Block – C which is their exclusivedomain and it is here that they learn social skills, free-play, develop verbal abilityand imbibe the skills and joy of creating things with their own hands through artand crafts which is an integral part of the curriculum. The curriculum is open-ended and the focus is on experiential learning. The three Rs are introduced inNursery which finds a more prominent place in the Prep curriculum which includesrecognition, reading and writing of the Hindi and English alphabet, small wordsand basic mathematical concepts.

Environmental Studies is taught with projectbased activities and Life Skills is taught to make students more adaptable todifferent situations.The focus in Class Prep is on cognitive development and enhancement of thelanguage and interpersonal skills. The children are sensitised to the social andcultural concerns and encouraged to think, reflect on issues and arrive at their ownsolutions. The main objective behind the curriculum is to enable the children tocommunicate effectively and to develop the integrated skills and creativity requiredfor them to grow as confident and independent individuals.

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